There's something 'fishy' going down at Zombie Pond...

No-one knows how it happened. Perhaps that split barrel

from the local chemical plant had something to do with it.

Perhaps it was the meteor shower the night before. Or the

satellite that crashed nearby...

But the town had changed. And it all started at Zombie Pond...

With all the townsfolk now ravenous Zombies, their attention has

turned to other pursuits... such as fishing! And to new sources of

food... the fish in Zombie Pond... YOU!

The gameplay couldn't be simpler: tap anywhere on the screen to

move towards that point!  Double tap to move faster!

Eat dragonflies as they lie still upon the water! Avoid the bobbers!

Collect powerups to aid you in the quest for more dragonfly brains,

including 'Invincibility', 'Freeze Bobbers' and The 'Ultimate

Problem Solving Powerup'!

The more dragonflies you eat in your feeding frenzy, the higher

your score, and the more powerups you get!

Three great game modes!

• Classic: Avoid the Zombie fisherman's bobbers while trying to eat dragonflies!

• Time: Eat as many dragonflies as you can in a minute!

• Survival: You've eaten all the dragonflies! Now the Zombified townsfolk are after

YOU! Avoid the bobbers for as long as possible to survive!

• Simple to play - just tap on the screen to move!

• Frighteningly addictive!

• Three exciting modes of play keeps the action fresher than a corpse!

• Powerups aid you in your feeding frenzy!

• Awesomely spooky music and graphics!

• Game Center Leaderboards - find out who rules Zombie Pond!

• 23 Fun Achievements to unlock!

• Comprehensive game statistics

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