This is the best Labyrinth spin-off game, a great new concept

that involve luck and skills.

Create a ball and try to reach the goal. You will face many

obstacles and tricky situations. How many balls you will have

to sacrifice?

** TapCritic: "Sometimes a game is just fun.It keeps your attention,

it's challenging, it develops and it has enough options to keep it


** AppSpy: "A Plinky Game is a game that's one part skill to two

parts luck and a whole lot of addictive fun."

** PocketFullOfApps: “It’s not easy being a virtual “plinky-ball” in

A Plinky Game with all kinds of deadly obstacles to avoid and

thats why it’s a lot of fun.”

** iPhoneinCanada: “The game play is extremely simple, and yet

extremely addictive.”

** iPwnAge: “If you think Labyrinth is way too easy, this game is

perfect for you. Graphics are great, they present everything with

top notch graphics.”

** GamesUncovered: “A Plinky Game! is a game that’s somewhat

of a fusion of pachinko and wooden labyrinth games.”

** iPhoneItalia: “Inserts a new style of play”

• 72 Levels

• 18 bonus levels

• Tutorial

• Achievements

• Keep track of your stats

• Starting levels are easy for newbies

• No need to calibrate


A Plinky Game!
A Plinky Game!
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