«Captain's Log: 15 December 2327 - 03:36 PM

I managed to escape but they found me. That load of

Aetherium slowed me down but I knew if I could reach

safety it would make me rich. My old man always told

me that sometimes it’s better just to stay alive.

They are out for revenge and they will have it. I am running out of energy.

The end is near.

I wont make it easy for them though. I’ll fight until the last of my blood spills.»

Run for your life and collect starts until you’ve got enough energy to

strike back. Survive for as long as you can and take down as many aliens

as possible.

• Three player modes: easy, hard and impossible

• 2 player mode

• 3 beautiful, original tracks

• 3 fun mini games

• 19 achievements

Fully translated in English, Italian, German, French and Spanish

Aetherium I
Aetherium I
Musician's Little Helper
A Plinky Game!
Zombie Pond
Aetherium II
Bubble Words
Aetherium I on Device